When and where does the Walk&Talk - Arts Festival happen?
In 2019, Walk&Talk - Arts Festival happens from July 5 to 20, on the island of São Miguel, in the Azores.

When will the Festival's programme be announced?
The public presentation of the 9th edition of Walk&Talk takes place on June 18 at Teatro Micaelense. The full programme will be announced after the presentation.

Are Walk&Talk's activities free?
Access to the exhibitions, as well as to the activities - concerts, performances and conversations - held at the W&T Pavilion are free.

Some of the activities of the Performative Circuit are paid (value indicated on the page of each show). Tickets for the shows at the Teatro Micaelense and Arquipélago - Contemporary Art Center will be on sale at the respective Ticket Offices. For the "Silent Disco" shows at Sentado em Pé Bar & Lounge, and "Cascas d'Ovo" at Estúdio 13, tickets can be purchased starting July 8 at the W&T Pavilion and on the day of the presentation at the locations.

Also, the W&T Summer School has a registration fee.

What is the Pavilion?
The Pavilion is a temporary structure, destined to inhabit Largo de São João, next to Teatro Micaelense, in the center of the city of Ponta Delgada, during the Festival period. It is a functional space, that gathers canteen, bar, auditorium and stage, and allows the confluence between artists, organization and visitors. "Meeting point" of the Walk&Talk activities, it is also here that there are concerts, talks, parties and performances.

The first Walk&Talk Pavilion was created in 2018 by the architecture collective Mezzo Atelier. This year, the project is in charge of the collective Artworks & GA Estudio and is inspired, in its concept and form, by the traditional Azorean cloak.

Sunday* to Thursday > 11H00 – 00H00
Friday > 11H00 – 03H00
Saturday 11H00 – 04H00

*except July 7, which will only work between 21H30 to 01H00

What are the Eco Cups?
Since 2018, Walk&Talk has been using only reusable cups - Eco Cups, in order to positively contribute to the reduction of the use of plastic. The cups can be bought for €1, in the bar of the W&T Pavilion. After use, you can either keep the cup or recover the deposit of €1 by returning it in the bar.

What is the Exhibition Circuit?
Untitled (Exhibition Circuit) is the result of residences developed between 2017 and 2019 in the Azores and maps the set of unpublished individual projects of the artists Andreia Santana, Gonçalo Preto, Maria Trabulo, Rita GT, Mónica de Miranda, Miguel C. Tavares & José Alberto Gomes and Diana Vidrascu, curated by Sérgio Fazenda Rodrigues. In addition to the Circuit of Exhibitions, there are two parallel exhibitions that integrate the program of the Festival, at Galeria Fonseca Macedo and Instituto Cultural de Ponta Delgada.

When and how can I visit the exhibitions?
The exhibitions of the Circuit will open simultaneously on July 6, from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and can be visited freely during the entire Festival period, in the schedules of each space. You can also register for one of the guided tours through gallery@walktalkazores.org. The parallel exhibitions will open on July 4 at Galeria Fonseca Macedo and on July 5 at Instituto Cultural de Ponta Delgada.

> Exhibition Circuit

Andreia Santana, Diana Vidrascu, Mónica de Miranda
4th Floor SolMar Avenida Center
Monday to Sunday > 14H00 – 20H00

Gonçalo Preto
Museu Carlos Machado – Núcleo de Santo André
Tuesday to Sunday > 10H00 – 18H00
Closed on Mondays

Maria Trabulo
Torre Sineira de Ponta Delgada
Monday to Friday > 09H30 – 17H30
Closed on weekends

Miguel C. Tavares
Portas do Mar - Zona do Anfiteatro
Monday to Sunday > 16H00 – 20H00

Rita GT
Museu Carlos Machado – Núcleo de Santa Bárbara
Tuesday to Sunday > 10H00 – 18H00
Closed on Mondays

> Exposições Paralelas

Madalena Correia
Instituto Cultural de Ponta Delgada
Monday to Friday > 09H30 – 12H30 and 14H00 – 17H30
Closed on weekends

Olivier Nottelet
Fonseca Macedo – Arte Contemporânea
Monday to Saturday > 14H00 – 19H00
Closed on weekends and holidays

What is the Island Circuit?
The Island Circuit (public art circuit) is the most visible part of Walk&Talk for its interaction with public space and distribution in territorial terms. The Circuit is renewed annually with the production of new pieces and in 2019 the curatorial project is in charge of the collective The Decorators, for a total of 6 new projects in São Miguel.

Where are the pieces of the Island Circuit?
The Island Circuit includes murals, sculptures and installations, currently located in 63 points that can be visited between the islands of São Miguel and Terceira.

The presentation of the pieces of the 2019 edition takes place on July 14 in the form of an expedition that takes a group of people (journalists, visitors, locals) to explore the island of São Miguel through the encounter with 6 works of art. Pre-registration is required via email welcoming@walktalkazores.org.
More information here.

What is the Performative Circuit?
The Performative Circuit includes the presentation of projects in the fields of dance, performance, theatre and music, which will take place in this edition at the Walk&Talk Pavilion and in spaces such as the Teatro Micaelense, Arquipélago - Contemporary Art, Estúdio 13 or Arco 8.

What is the Circuit of Knowledge?
The Circuit of Knowledge aims to develop: guided and thematic visits for audiences of various age groups; open conversations with experts and testimonies of invited artists; workshops for children and youth; canteens open to sharing meals with the local community, visitors and artists; parties, concerts and institutional events.

How do I sign up for Summer School?
Summer School Walk&Talk is intended for people over 16 years of age and allows interaction with artists/ curators through several theoretical-practical sessions throughout the first week of the Festival (8-12 July). Registration must be made by June 28, through this form.
More information here.

What is the Circuit of Artistic Residences?
The Artistic Residency Program integrates the residences in progress at each edition of Walk&Talk and aims to boost the unprecedented and experimental creation in the Azores. More information on the 9th edition projects here.

What is RARA?
RARA is a residence of Design/ Crafts, which proposes the intersection between plastic artists, designers and artisans who cross traditional Azorean techniques and raw materials with new conceptual models. This residence has resulted in a set of pieces/ products presented under the RARA brand - Residência Artesanato da Região dos Açores.

You can visit the RARA exhibition at Parque Atlântico Shopping Center from July 9 to August 9.

Where can I buy Walk&Talk merchandising?
Walk&Talk merchandising can be purchased at the W&T Store, located on floor 0 of the SolMar Avenue Center, or through our website.

Are there organized transportation for activities outside of Ponta Delgada?
Only the presentation of the Island Circuit has arranged transportation upon registration. If you do not have transportation to the other activities outside of Ponta Delgada, we suggest that you go to the W&T Pavilion: as much as possible, we will try to organize shared rides as we believe there is always room for more.

Should I rent a car?
Although most of the Festival's programming is at Ponta Delgada, some activities, as well as the Island Circuit, extend to various points of São Miguel. Renting a car is not mandatory, but it is recommended as it will contribute to a better experience at the Festival and of the island. Walk&Talk has a partnership with WAYZOR Rent-a-car, which offers affordable rates to those who visit us.
More information here.

What is the open canteen?
The Pavilion is also the location for the Walk&Talk canteen, where everyday organization, artists, curators and journalists gather, have their meals and share ideas. The open canteen aims to invite and engage the public in these meeting moments during the Festival.

To join us, pre-booking is required until the previous day, by contacting: welcoming@walktalkazores.org. Places are limited and the registration has the value of € 7.5, which includes a meal and a drink (water, beer or wine).

Every day from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., except Sundays.

Can I participate in the Furnas picnic?
The picnic in Furnas Lagoon, a tradition in the program of the Festival, is open to all. Join us on July 7th, starting at 1:00 p.m., in the Caldeiras area. Contributions in the form of drinks, bread, fruit or sweets are welcome!

I would like to volunteer. How do I get involved?
To belong to the W&T Volunteer team, consult the regulations through this link.

I still have not found an answer to my question.
If you need more information or have additional questions, please contact us at info@walktalkazores.org.