2019 Pavilion
Walk&Talk will have a "new home" in Largo de São João in Ponta Delgada, where a temporary pavilion will be built, signed by the collective Artworks & GA Estudio, with a concept inspired by the traditional Azorean cloak. 

The 2019 Walk&Talk Pavilion welcomes the public and opens to the city as the main stage and meeting point of the festival. The new project was selected as part of the first edition of an international architectural competition, which involved twenty invited ateliers and, in addition to the winners, had the finalists BUREAU and PMPG - Pedro Mosca & Pedro Gonçalves, Architects.

The competition was promoted in December 2018 by Anda&Fala, the Cultural Association responsible for Walk&Talk, and the jury formed by Mezzo Atelier, the team of architects who created the first pavilion of the festival in 2018, the Regional Director for Public Works and Communications (DROPC) / Government of the Azores and the Triennial of Lisbon.