Public Art Festival

S.Miguel | 3rd Edition

12 - 27 July

Logo Walk & Talk 2013

Public Art Tour

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils (PT)

Bordalo II (PT)

Clemens Behr (DE)

Cyrcle. (US)

Draw (PT)

Diana Coelho (PT)

Drifting - António Pedro Lopes (PT)

Drifting - Gustavo Ciríaco (BR)

Duarte Santo (PT)

Eltono (FR)

Enredo (PT/US)

Giacomo Mezzadri (IT)

João Pedro Vale (PT)

Nuno Alexandre Ferreira (PT)

Nuno Pimenta (PT)

Lucy Mclauchlan (UK)

Nespoon (PL)

Min Wins (PT)

Paulo Arraiano (PT)

Pelucas (ES)

Sala 2:Arquitectos (PT)

HDG Açores (PT)

Sofia Medeiros (PT)

Stephen Hurrel (UK)

37.25 (PT)

Victor Hugo Pontes (PT)

Marco Ferreira (PT)

Xavier Almeida (PT)

Welcome to the Azores and to the 2013 Walk&Talk Festival!

Walk&Talk Azores Festival is the privileged stage of the Atlantic for public art. Each year it welcomes on São Miguel island dozens of creators from multiple geographies, quadrants and disciplines for a unique co-creation experience. Here, the work is born from creative sharing, in full fusion with nature, culture and local community.

Insurmountable contemporary art names and new talents present their work in a group exhibition, in concerts, performances, workshops, and other thematic encounters. The Walk&Talk Festival creative dynamic extends to the Public Art Museum of São Miguel, where visitors and locals can freely enjoy, and 365 days a year, of a wide and growing circuit of inedited artistic interventions.


  • Interventions
  • W&T Gallery
  • Ateneu Criativo
  • Teatro Micaelense
  • Portas do Mar
  • Arco 8
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The Walk&Talk visual identity reinvents the pattern concept, creating an active and unpredictable matrix that transcribes the aesthetic and identity plurality of the festival. From the nine islands that compose the Azores archipelago defining it one by the aggregation of a cultural feel, to the festival eclectic and transdisciplinary poster that reinforces its unique character, the Walk&Talk pattern expresses the Azorean writer Vitorino Nemesio concept of “açorianidade” as a metaphor for contemporary art: “The islands are the ephemeral and the contingent. Only the sea is eternal and necessary.”

Logótipo da Associação Anda e Fala

The Walk&Talk Azores Festival is organized by Anda&Fala - Cultural Interpretation, a nonprofit cultural association devoted to the promotion of public space and social intervention through art. The association was created in 2011 by two young Azorean, Diana Sousa and Jesse James, with the view to stimulate the Azores through cultural investment, catalyzing contemporary artistic expressions that are not usually explored in peripheral and insular contexts.

Anda&Fala takes an active role in the development of regional cultural and creative industries, highlighting it as a strategic sector to the sustainable development of the Azores. It works in partnership with other cultural associations and entities that compose the creative network of Walk&Talk Festival, assuming itself a co-creator agent of the Azorean creative ecosystem.


Creative Direction

Diana Sousa

Jesse James

Executive Production

Marta Freitas

Sofia Botelho

Rui Freitas


Silvia Escórcio